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Gifted Program 資優兒童培育課程




1. 發展方面


2. 智力方面



3. 求知方面


4. 活動方面




How to determine whether your kids are gifted?


Gifted children shows special characteristics and talents in their daily activities. If your kids show the following characteristics, they may be gifted and you can consider bringing them to a further assessment and program.


1. Development

Gifted children learn faster than others of same age. For example, they learn how to walk and talk earlier. Also, they use some rather difficult words and vocabs in explaining themselves. They may also show great interest in reading.


2. IQ

Gifted children memorize better, love learning Math and science and other daily knowledge. They may build a certain interests in their young age and some of them are even curious about everything they encounter in life.


3. Learning

Very eager to learn more knowledge and ask about everything. Most gifted children do deep research in an active manner and wish to make use of what they have learn.


4. Activities

Most gifted children are more active and sleep less than others. However, they are different from ADHD children as gifted children are able to focus on ONE work or game for a long period of time.


If your children are gifted, you have to pay extra attention. Although your children may show an advantage on some specific areas than other children, they are not that oustanding in other areas. In addition, some gifted children are more sensitive in emotions and social activities. Parents and adults around always feel worried about the children being non-cooperative and high fluctuating in emotions.

Never waste your children's talents!

There are different types of assessment tools for parents to understand children's mental growth and areas that are better than others. In this way, parents could set a specific training plan for the children and develop their unique talents. Ways to identify gifted children include: IQ test, learning assessment and assessments on other criteria, consulting educational psychologists, etc.


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