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GAPSK  Preparation Class

GAPSK – PTH Test for Children

Focus on listening, pinyin, grammar usage and reading.


Suitable for P.4 to P.6 students

Stage 1 : Fresh PTH Learners - Oral and Pinyin


Stage 2 : Basic PTH Oral and Pinyin



Examination Dates: To be confirmed
Please contact us for more information


Learning Outcomes:
1. Listening Training

2. Pinyin skills and improved presentation using PTH

3. Grammar usage

4. Analysis of exam papers


Class Schedule: Monday to Saturday 10:00am - 6:00 pm
Provide the most suitable course and schedule for your children after the free consultation program

Students who attend 80% or more of the program are eligible to apply for a certificate of completion





對象          : 小四至小六學生



1. 初學普通話會話及拼音


2. 基本掌握普通話會話及拼音



考試日期 : 待定 (請向本中心查詢)


學習內容  :

  1. 聆聽訓練

  2. 拼音技巧及普通話表達能力提升

  3. 文法運用

  4. 試題講解及分析


上課時間 :星期一至六 10:00 am– 6:00 pm


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